Hello everybody!

As you can figure from the name of my domain, I am Jasmin Bork. Who is that you might ask yourself, well here is he answer:

I was Born on May 11th in 1984 in Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg). Although I have lived and worked for 3 years in Hamburg, I wanted to come back home, therefore I now live in Ortenberg close to Offenburg and work in Karlsruhe.

A little bit about myself and what I did so far. I have successfully finished my academic studies in the area “Online Media” in August 2010, which explains the “Bachelor of Science” ;-).  As I learned during my studies how to correctly use media, i. e. how to use them to successfully design and create websites, I have decided to create my own blog. Furthermore, I can use the learned abilities for rhetoric, academic writing and working as well as faculty and public relations for my personal advantage. 😉 Another plus point of the blog is that I will never forget the learned skills.

A blog about what I’ve experienced during the day might not be interesting for you at the moment, but just wait till I start writing about my favorite hobbies, such as running or tv (quite a contrast right?). Then you will hopefully not only leave a lot of comments but also look forward to new information about me.

One last thing up front: “Nobody is perfect!” myself included. Criticism or a little practical assistance I will gladly accept in the form of comments. I am always open for a good dialog or even a little discussion. Certainly you can also tell us some of your own experience as well.

Thank you for read and enjoy!


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