My fight against the Kilos – part 2

Der endlose Kampf geht weiter. Fortsetzung folgt…

As promised I am providing the sequal to my fight against the kilos, starting with the current data:

2. 6.
waist 86 83
hip 112 109,5
thigh 66 64
stomach 100 98
below breast 86 82

The measurement is centimetre, of course.

As you can see there has been a lot of going on, even though I didn’t take it too seriously. For example, I ate at McDonalds, only Chicken McNuggets with Salad or a Chicken Box but it’s still McDonalds. I also did not give up on milk products completely as it is almost impossible to get a ready to eat salad from the bakery or the store with normal dressing instead of yogurt dressing. This also applies for the kebab shop around the corner, which is basically just a kebab without bread.

Meanwhile I left the main phase behind me, i. e. I eat carbs for lunch, only on weekends but I eat them. I started that around Easter, as I ran a half-marathon and what can I say, after running 21 km I wanted to eat something tasty, with oil all over it, with other words: I wouldn’t have been happy or satisfied by salad . During the week I intended to watch out for carbs and eat only very little of them, well and then came Easter. I didn’t pay attention to anything anymore, but enjoyed everything. I have to say that I saw it on the scale, but I don’t regret anything.

Okay , fine, I regret that the scale shows more weight than two weeks ago, but I don’t regret the food. I try to pay attention to my nutrition in general and work-out more. After the half marathon I took a little break, which was necessary, but that’s over now. I start the first couple of days with my “Jillian Michaels” programs, i. e. I will change through the programs of “Shred in 30”, “Ripped in 30” and maybe even the non-cardio workout of “Body Revolution”. I already know the programs, but I have to admit that I didn’t look anywhere near like “Jillian Michaels” ;-). Although there definitely have been some changes, i. e. you get muscles because of the training and your torso gets stronger which is very important for runners like me. I will start on Tuesday full power as I want to run a marathon in less the 5 hours this year. The closer I get to 4h30 min the better .

Certainly I will inform you about my training and the resulting success, as well as my complete workout plan, as soon as I figure one out that works for me.

The endless fight continues here…