Alstertal Halbmarathon – Gregor joined

On 29.09.2013 was Gregor’s big day, he was running the Alstertal Half marathon and as he already ran the Hamburg Half marathon, it was his second. Naturally his goal was „beat the time of the first run“.

Gregor ran his first Half marathon in less than two hours, which is already a good result for a newcomer, but it was just not enough for him, therefore his target time was now 1:47h.


I was really surprised to sea so many runners at this small run. At 10am the first Half marathon started for the “Hella Cup”. Before that they organized a little warm-up for all runners. It was really interesting to look at so many people while they warmed-up.


When the runners of the “Hella Cup” Half marathon had left the starting field, the countdown for Gregor began, because the starting signal for his Half marathon was only 20 minutes later. Men are certainly not nervous or agitated, they simply talk much less than usual because it’s so early in the morning and they are still tired ;-). Slowly Gregor was getting to the Start at 10:15 am. As the run was very little, there were no labels with time target where you could line up, but I think that was not really necessary in this case as you already know the time your about to run and then you can simply line up at the end, the middle or up front.


The runners started right on time on 10:20am and I had to ask myself one question: “What am I going to do for the next 1:47h all by myself?” Well as there also were a 10km run (running and walking), a 4km run as well as a “Schnupperlauf” (test run) for 0,8-1,6km, I was watching those starts as well. The particular starts followed within the next 20 minutes and I have to say, the “Schnupperlauf” was the cutest start. If you are looking for an activity for your kids, how about “running”.

Unfortunately all starts where over at 10:40am, but I still had 1:27h to bridge, therefore I slowly went to the finish line and see what they had to offer. I really have to bring more cash to those runs. There were not a lot of booths, but sometimes you actually make one or two bargains on runner’s shoes or runner’s clothes. Well this time I did not have enough money on me, but maybe next time.



As it was already the end of September in Hamburg and the finish line was in the shadows, I was not really warm and therefore I got myself a hot coffee to warm up. And as the way to this run was so exhausting and I was so excited for Gregor, I had to get myself a huge chocolate muffin as refreshment. In my defense I have to say that I had a training run for my half marathon, meaning I had a 16km training run ahead of me.

But back to Gregor’s run. Here I was in the cold, with my coffee and my muffin and waited. Of course I was getting bored real quick and as you never know if he might be faster, I got up to stand right up front on the finish line. Naturally I wanted the perfect “finish-foto” of him. Unfortunately I still had 50 minutes to bridge. Luckily there were not so many viewers, that is why I sat on a stump and played “Sudoku” with my mobile. That kept me busy for a while.


Finally it was 11:40am and I got my mobile ready to shoot. I was standing there for more than 20 minutes with my mobile on hand, ready to take the perfect picture of Gregor and what happens just 2 seconds before he passes. Right, the display goes dark. Of course this happened more than once in between, but this time it was right when I saw him coming and when the camera was ready again, he was already gone. I was really pissed, but at least I got a picture shortly afterwards when they gave him his cup. Sadly only runners of the “Hella Cup” got a medal, which was really unfair, as the others ran 21km too.


Gregor was disappointed for another reason. He set himself the goal to finish the run in 1:47h, therefore he was really depressed to read on the clock at the finish line 02:04:55h. I’ve only shaken my head.  As you might remember the first run started at 10am sharp and the second (Greg’s) 20 minutes later, i. e. the clock started at 10am as well, so it started 20 minutes before Gregor started his run. Thus I could calm him down, as even though the clock shows 02:04:55h, he accomplished his goal, as you have to take off 20 minutes and therefore was his finish time 01:44:55h. Have you ever seen a 3-year-old little boy getting a toy car? That’s how Greg’s face lit up with happiness. 🙂

As he beat his last goal for 10 minutes, I assume that he wants to finish his next half marathon in about 1:30h.

Perhaps you are wondering, what’s with me. Firstly, I actually completed my 16km training run that day. Probably Greg’s success has incited me to run a half marathon. Secondly, yes I will run a half marathon. I join the “Süderelbe” Half marathon on 27.09.2013 and yes I am nervous. By the way, my goal is “arrive”. 😉