TV-series at a glance

Fernsehen Believe it or not, next to horribly reported and even worse acted documentary soaps, the TV program acutally shows some really good series. Unfortunately, they are shown either way too late, are interrupted by to much commercial or repeated too many times. But what can be considered a good serie, which are on TV and what kind of genre do they belong to? Actually especially the last part of the question easy to answer. There are series for about every taste, in my case I can actually choose the serie genre according to my particular mood during the day. I don’t wanna watch comedy like “Big Bang Theorie” every day, although Sheldon and his friends make me laugh every time I am sometimes simply more in the mood to watch a good crime serie. Yes, although the following series are not only about blood and thrill they are considered crime serien, such as “Bones”, “Castle” or “Special Victoms Unit”, the first two of those are actually sometimes even funny. Certainly, this listing shouldn’t miss “CSI:NY”. Originally the other two “CSI” series should have been in the listing as well, but to be honest I don’t like the fact that the leading actor is changing all the time since “Grissom” and concering “CSI:Miami” I find the actors a little too stiff and don’t really show emotions. While we are talking about emotions I can point out that feelings and love should play a huge part in a serie. It doesn’t matter if it’s concerning a relativly new sitcom such as “New Girl” with this adorable, funny and unlike couple “Nick&Jess” or a crime series such as “Bones” with religious and emotional “Booth” and rational, but sometime cold appearing Bones. Soon I will clarify which series I laugh the most about, which series make me re-think a little and which should be set off and even put away for good.