Visiting Heide-Park

A week ago Gregor (my boyfriend :-)) and me visited the „Heide-Park“. Before I tell you about our day and what we have experienced, I should probably point out that this is an amusement park in North Germany, in Soltau to be precise. Heide Park The park has two special advantages, not only can you save money by buying the tickets online you also skip the waiting time by settling a small extra charge. How? Well it’s quite simple, you get a little pager, which you use to sent a request for the next roller coaster, wait for the message, which informs you when you can ride this coaster. This way you can reduce the waiting period from 60 to 30 minutes. Gregor and me decided that we don’t need this as we figured that the waiting time somehow belongs to the coaster. However, for families with kids I think it’s a great deal, especially if one parent has to wait with the smaller kid. Krake Now let’s move on to the actual day at the park. Certainly we were at the entrance at exact 10am and as the coaster “Krake (octopus)” was advertised everywhere we figured that this should be our first place to go, luckily no everybody thought so, therefore we didn’t have to wait long. Maybe it’s just me but watching a coaster ride right before I enter it, seems much worse than actually riding it. This way I saw how the cart was pulled up real slow and shortly before it was dropped almost vertical in the mouth of the octopus it just stopped right at the abyss, thus it’s only natural that I had respect for it. When I finally was sitting in the cart and I could actually look at the abyss, I have to admit that I hoped for more. Although the ride was quite interesting it was really short at the same time and thereby it was over way to fast. After the first slight disappointment, not because “Krake” was bad, but because I expected more, we went on. This is how we passed a small coaster, which looked really harmless and was called “Big Loop”. As the ride started at a tiny train station we thought this would be quite absurd after the vertical drop in the depth. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The ride was not only really fast but also extremely racy. We even had a light headache afterwards I especially had to struggle a little. As I am only 1,50m I repeatedly hit my head at the frame, which was suppose to protect me. Not really a good feeling, to be honest. But lets face it, we are not riding a roller coaster to walk straight after this ;-), thus we can honestly say that I would get into this coaster all over again. Maybe I just like the thrill. Still waters run deep. 🙂 Limit On the way to Germany’s biggest wooden roller coaster we came by a coaster called “limit”. Well what can I say, who can say “no” to a coaster with that name. Especially when you see that you do not just sit in the cart, but more likely hang in it. Exactly, your feet just swing in the air. A dream come true for a true coaster fan and it even had loopings as well, so let’s roll. Not the looping were the interesting part here, but the surprisingly long ride. Every time we thought that the ride would end after the next turn, there was another turn and another looping. According to this I can only recommend this roller coaster. Even the waiting period was not longer than 30 minutes, as far as I can remember. Colossos Not even 100 meter away was finally the long-awaited wooden roller coaster. Just when we stood in line raindrops hit us. Then the speaker went on, informing us that due to the weather the coaster can’t ride at the moment. As there was a little downpour 2 minutes later, we took the time to check out a souvenir shop. Who wants to wait an hour in the pouring rain, I’d rather spent some money on little gifts. Although I have to point out that I was really glad when the rain stopped only 30 minutes later and changed back into sunshine. Gregor Colossos Colossos 2 You might have already guessed that Gregor and I were standing back in line for the “Colossos” the same minute the first ray of sunlight was out. Well let me tell you this, the coaster does not bear this name for nothing. It is so huge it sort of reminds us of American coasters we know from sitcoms of the 90s. In fact, only the ocean right next to the coaster was missing to make it perfect. Jasmin und Gregor Okay, this might have been a little exaggerated it was a hell of a ride without the sea. We had so much fun we even spent 15 Euro on a picture of us taken during the ride. As you can see on this picture, we were not scared at all, in fact we had a really good time in the biggest wooden rollercoaster of Germany. El Sol Aqua Spin Naturally the day was not even close to be over after this ride, on the contrary, now the waiting periods were over as we were already done with the most important stations. Instead of stuffing ourselves, or even worse got home, we have decided to check out one or two of the harmless fun rides. At least that was our plan until we saw these attractions and just had to give it a try. Orki Desert Race Even though it doesn’t look like it but the colored one of these two rides was surprisingly heavy. It seemed to be harmless, with the bears and the waiting kids and the innocent name “Orki”. We were wrong, we had to concentrate on one point in order to avoid sickness. Well, it just rotated a little harder than originally thought. The black coaster on the other hand shot us out of the station, but again it was over way to fast. Scream When the day was almost over we had enough courage to try out that last ride on our list. The name “Scream” says it all: It is a tower which is 71 meter high, the rider sit in a circle around the tower and were pulled up real slow, in order to enjoy the view, the seats rotated around the tower all the way up. As I am a little (oh well extremely) afraid of heights, the slow lifting seemed to last forever. As if the lift in the air would not have been enough, you just stay up there a little while until you were set free all of a sudden. How? Scream Mini Quite simple! FREE FALL! Yes, exactly free-fall. Just before you hit the bottom you are caught. Although I did not really enjoy the ride in up in the air, I have to admit that the thrill during the drop was quite amazing. You fell a little freed afterwards therefore I can only advice everybody to overcome his or her fears and just enjoy the fall, it is worth it. In case the fear is too big after all, there is also a kid’s version next to it, which is a nice gesture for brave kids who are still too small for the high tower. Jasmin Bork Gregor Should you be visiting the beautiful North by any chance and the sun is shining (which is not often the case) and you are interested in a day full of adrenalin, than I can warmly recommend the park. It is not as big as the “Europa Park” in Southern Germany, but it is more than enough for a day trip full of fun. Have you been there? What was your experience?