My first half marathon – I did it!

I know, I should have written about my run earlier, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. Well better late than never, so here it goes.

Start Süderelbe HalbmarathonOn 27.10.2013 the day of my first half marathon had finally come. Certainly I checked up front how many people were joining the competition as well as the results of the previous years. Unfortunately I had to find out that only a view needed more than 2 hours for the 21km. I, however, have planned a finish time of 2.30 hours, i. e. I had to get used to the thought to cross the finish line last, if the organizer would wait for me before removing the finish line ;-).

Nervosität vor LaufOf course I was already nervous during the whole week before the contest and actually thought about just not going. Well, as I’ve already told a bunch of people that I would run a half marathon, that was not really an option. Therefore, I stuck to my training plan and hoped for the best. Surprisingly I slept very well, although I usually keep turning around due to the nervousness, but luckily not this time. Still I asked myself my competitions have to start 10am. Why are those people again sleeping in. Never mind, I slept good, I had a good breakfast, so I went to the contest.

Kurz vorm StartI was unbelievably lucky regarding the weather, the sky was blue and the sun was pleasantly warm, well as warm as it can be by the end of October. Anxiously I awaited the start of the half marathon, although I could tell from the outfit of my contestants that I was the only amateur. Never mind again, just run and have fun.

Startschuss Süderelbe HalbmarathonWithout checking my pace I started to run, not too fast, but my comfortable pace. I couldn’t have talked to anyone, but I was able to breathe normally and that’s all that matters in a competition. As was running the “Süderelbe Halbmarathon”, we had to run from the 3rd km along the dykes. I repeat, it was October 27th in 2013 and you might recall that they had announced a hurricane for the next day. Well, I felt the forerunner of that hurricane practically throughout the whole half marathon. It was incredibly hard, but doable.

Unfortunately the sun disappeared at the 6th km for good, therefore the wind felt even colder. Luckily there was a drink stand a little down the road, they provided warm lemon tea, which helped to push forward and I started to look forward to the turning point. Well instead of kilometer 10 the turning point was at the 11th kilometer. I have to be honest, I wanted to stop right there, I mean when I reached that point I knew I had still 10 km to go. Thankfully now I would have tailwind, which would be more pleasant. At least that’s what I thought!

In Hamburg it is actually a phenomenon that you have always head wind, no matter what direction you’re heading. And as if that’s not enough, it started to rain at around the 19th kilometer. Before it was only drizzling rain, which was pleasant and even refreshing, but then it started to rain real heavy, paired with strong wind and running is not really my image of “Sunday”. 🙂

Jasmin kommt zum ZielZieleinlauf JasminWith the finish line right in front of me I switched my IPod to “Final Countdown” and pushed me once again. My personal paparazzi (Gregor) was already waiting for me, he even ran the final 500 meters with me, well he followed me with the camera. It was great.

Am ZielFertig aber GlücklichDespite the fact that I was not the last to cross the finish line, I finished at 2 hours 18 minutes. Let me refresh your memory, I have trained to finish at 2 hours and 30 minutes. Although the run was definitely hard, I reached the destination. You can be proud of me, believe me I am.

In case you want to run a half marathon yourself I would suggest a larger event with more contestants and especially more viewer, who cheer for you, this will stimulate you even more.

Concerning me, I already planed the next one, like the xmas run of St. Pauli. Therefore it is really true if you entered one run, you don’t want to stop as you want to improve yourself.

Jasmin nach Halbmarathon