My articles

Here you can find article, which I’ve wrote for, the single magazine of the popular single plattform BILDKONTAKTE during my internship. As this articles are for a single magazine they are all about love.

Please note that the articles only exist in German.


The Top 10 German TV-Series

The myth of Amor and Psyche

The hottest VIP men 2010

The 10 best TV-couples

The 6 single types

The new parent’s money

The Knigge-1×1 for business

Famous couples- Henry VIII and his 6 wives

Famous couples – Edward, Bella and Jacob

Famous couples – Bonnie and Clyde

Famous couples – Barbie and Ken

Different countries, different „Knigge“

10 ways not to have sex

We don’t slag, we inform

How to lose him

Wetten dass…? – cut short after a serious accident

Wellness weekend at home

Watch out for scam-mails

In love – what now?

Tips for the first  date

Tips for beautiful Lips

Divorce – what now

Riks of  online dating

Choice of partner- who matches me?

Online Flirt – Top or Flop?

Online Dating- goodbye to prejudices!

Online Dating – but correctly!

Courage to love 

Types of men, women should avoid

Sins of men

Love by click or not ?

Long-distance love…

Love at second sight 

Lena and the song for Germany

Love bite – Top or Flop

Knigge to flirt on the Internet

Knigge for the bedroom

Klitschko puts Chisora in his place

My hair looks beautiful

Hot love

5 things a man hates

erogenous zones – truth or lie?

Frog or prince? Is he in to me?

Relaxing made easy

Jealousy is (not) a passion

Honesty in friendship