Review: “Wadjda”

Maybe you have already heard about the movie “Wadjda” and maybe you have asked yourself what it is about. I have already seen the movie and I can definitely recommend it 100%. It is the first Saudi Arab movie directed by a woman. But Haifaa Al Mansour did not only direct the movie, but also wrote the script. This movie is a mix, which will make the viewer cry, laugh and most importantly it makes the viewer think about it. The movie is about a little girl in Saudi Arabia, which wants nothing more than a bike, even though girls are not allowed to ride a bike. The reason for this does not seem quite clear, as we are Europeans with another culture and we could never even imagine to refuse a girl to ride a bike, because we are afraid that she could lose here virginity or her fecundity. This actually proved that there are a lot of things which are not actually given as we assume. It goes without saying that Wadjda does not want to accept this and just fails to see, why she can’t have a bike to race the neighbors boy. Therefore, she starts to sell self made bracelets to her classmates, but has to realize that this does not bring the desired success, especially after she got caught by the director. Then she hears about the “Koran-competition” at her school and the price of 1000 Rial. Certainly I cannot reveal if she gets the bike or not, but I can recommend you to watch the movie as it really helps us to get know another culture without judging or highly praise it. Enjoy the movie.